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I have been treated by my wonderful Naturopath Katie Gregory of Whole Alchemy for almost a year now. After living in London and traveling for two years my once healthy lifestyle was gone and I had an array of underlying problems that I had swept under the rug. When I went to see doctors about these issues they would just prescribe heavy drugs and nothing ever got better. I got home and decided to go down a different more natural route which lead me to Katie. As soon as I saw Katie for a consultation I knew I was going to be looked after and that’s exactly what she did. We went through everything to do with my body and the way it was and was not working. Katie listened and you could tell she really wanted to help which was so refreshing. She knew where my problems had arisen from and immediately got me on the right track. I noticed so many positive changes as soon as I started doing what Katie suggested. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whether you do have health problems (both big or small) or you don’t, it is so worthwhile going to someone like Katie to make sure you are on the right track with your health and how you can better it.

Thanks again for all your help Katie!!
— Lilli

I have been treated by Katie of Whole Alchemy since October of last year, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Katie helped me with stress and anxiety after a hard life event, and her calm and comforting nature, combined with her prescribed herbs and diet advice was a huge help to me. She has since helped me with allergies and combating hay fever and I haven’t looked back since.

I have seen great improvements each time I see her, and personally appreciate how well she listens and offers caring advice.
— Justine

Had such a wonderful experience with Katie - she is so attentive and generous with her time. After a 2 week long viral infection and sinusitus that I couldn’t shake after taking antibiotics and cold and flu tablets, it started to clear up within a few days of naturopathic treatment and now I’m back on my feet and feeling myself again. Katie really sorted me out in a time sensitive situation, I’m so grateful for her help!
— Em

My sessions with the lovely naturopath, Katie Gregory have been amazing! I have had treatments for being absolutely exhausted; very heavy and painful periods; and the common cold. All of these areas of my health have been helped greatly by Katie’s herbal remedies and lifestyle advice. Most significantly, being exhausted and my period issues have improved so much, I can honestly say Katie’s services have changed my life. All of my consultations have been really enjoyable, relaxed and highly informative. I have no hesitation in recommending Katie’s naturopathy services and she’s just a really lovely person too!
— Susan

I wholeheartedly recommend Katie from Whole Alchemy. Katie has been treating me for the past 3 months and the effects were almost immediate! Katie is calm, understanding and positive and is very realistic in regard to health goals and lifestyle changes. Katie’s approach is holistic and thorough, producing excellent results. She undertakes a substantial amount of research for each patient, to ensure you receive the best advise and naturopathy treatment. Thank you Katie, you have made a huge difference to my welbeing in a short period of time
— Claire

Katie is a great naturopath, she is dedicated and genuinely caring, highly recommend her!
— Erica

I feel so grateful to have sought Katie’s advice in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the volume of information available, and the enormous changes occurring, I was lucky to have Katie’s concise knowledge to guide me through those initial weeks. Katie has such a generous and warm nature, and I felt heard and nurtured in our sessions together. The initial consultation was incredibly detailed, and I appreciated the pre-consult exercise of food diary keeping as a solid beginning from which to delve into my nutrition which was definitely lacking. Armed not only with some high quality supplementation but, most importantly, some very clear practical guidelines with which to work, I felt empowered to make some positive and incredibly effective changes. I also very much appreciate the detailed follow ups with information specific to our process, and run downs of what we had discussed - they are a valuable resource that I reflect on to keep me on track. I look forward to seeing Katie regularly, to realign and refocus, as everything transforms! “
— Rebekah

Katie has been so helpful and caring during each visit and even outside of appointments when I send through emails with questions. I have been looking for a great local Naturopath and she is both knowledgeable and genuine in her advice. Highly recommend! X
— Sam

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